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  • Megan Goldin

Book Club Questions For The Escape Room

I have been asked for questions for book clubs discussing The Escape Room. Here are a few:

1. What other "escape rooms" are the characters escaping from other than just the elevator? 

2. There are a number of male characters in the novel. Which one did you find the least likeable and why? Who did you like the best or feel empathetic towards. If at all. 3. Was Sylvie a victim of sexism or did she play the game? 4. In their discussion at the zoo, Lucy mentions how humans have excellent vision but learn to block out what they don't want to see. Sara called it 'wilful blindness'. Talk about characters who were wilfully blind. 5. What helped Sara Hall break through the magic that Stanhope wove?

6. What types of sexism is there at Stanhope and how does it connect with your own experiences in the workplace? 7. In what way is this a novel about survival of the fittest? 8. Did the dark embolden the characters in the elevator?

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