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1. Megan Goldin said she hoped readers would experience Liv's disorientation through Liv's eyes as they read the novel. After reading Stay Awake, do you think the novel messed with your sense of time and place?

2. Liv Reese wrote messages to herself on her hands. Do you also write messages on your hands or do you use other ways to remember things?

3. Detective Darcy Halliday sometimes knew more about what was happening than Liv. Do you feel that helped ratchet up the tension?

4. Have you experienced fugue states or have you ever felt like you'd sleep walked through periods of your life?

5. Stay Awake was written during the darkest days of the pandemic. It never references the pandemic but do you think there were indirect ways or themes in the novel that connected to the pandemic?

6. Megan Goldin references a number of songs in Stay Awake almost giving a soundtrack to the novel. What songs were infused in the text? What Spotify list would you use as background music to read Stay Awake?

7. Psychological thrillers like Stay Awake are often heart pounding rollercoaster rides. Do you think it's better to read books like that before you go to bed or are these books better read in daylight?

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